Project on building HR capacity standards for EVN

Description of the project and consulting services provided throughout 2020:

  • Develop a set of competency standards applicable in EVN (including assessing the current status of the EVN capacity framework, the responsiveness of the system of positions and positions of EVN. career development picture of EVN)
  • Building the professional process of the set of standards (Software module of the Standard set) integrated with the human resource management modules (HR, training, reward …) HMRS system of National Electricity Corporation Vietnam.
  • The application and implementation of the Standards of Competence in the units.

Electricity Vietnam (EVN) employs over 100,000 people across Vietnam. Hung Viet has over 20 years experience working with EVN in various capacity building and training programmes as well as direct investments in energy production by Hung Viet and its’ partners.

  • Human capacity is limitless. What percent of staff competency and capabilities are organizations currently using?
  • Competencies which are discovered, documented and properly developed will benefit each individual and the organization.
  • Large businesses / organizations are facing brain drain: Talented officers quit their jobs or retire. How to get these talent copies to maintain and sustain the “health” of the business?

Competency framework solves the above problems and optimally serves the benefits of human resources activities: from recruitment, retraining and staff development, performance assessment, compensation and employee benefits employees, retaining talents.

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