Research on Human Resource Development for Electricity Vietnam

This project was carried out in cooperation with:

  • JICA Japan International Cooperation Office in Vietnam
  • Electricity Vietnam Corporation (EVN)

Description of the project and services covered:

  • Research on the legal business environment of Electricity Vietnam
  • Study on current management structure and cooperation strategies of Electricity Vietnam (EVN) and current human resource development structure of the company to identify issues that need to be discussed and addressed by EVN in order to promote the human resource development strategy for the Industry.
  • Inspect EVN’s Operation and Maintenance system and propose appropriate development and response measures from a Human Resources perspective.
  • Assess the training capacity of EVN Training institutes and the training quality of the institute to meet the training requirements given by EVN’s subsidiaries.
  • Develop action plans and roadmaps for human resource development in Vietnam

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36 Mac Thai To St.
Cau Giay, Hanoi

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 9AM - 5PM
Alt Saturdays: 9AM - 5PM