Cooperation program to develop Safety Culture for Vietnam Airlines

Based on our achievements and experience, Hung Viet Consulting JSC had implemented consulting activities for Vietnam Airlines (VNA) since 2017 and developed the Safety Culture program which was continuously deployed to all staff in every VNA’s department from 2018 to 2022.

Safety Culture for Vietnam Airlines

Safety culture includes a series of activities to enhance operational safety for all parts of Vietnam Airlines, raising VNA to reach Skytrax’s highest services rating by 2025. Safety culture development involves a process from awareness-raising to thinking, acting and habit-forming in all human behaviors.

Based on that, Hung Viet had developed the Just Culture Behavior Definition, conducted a survey on safety culture, organized training courses on Blue Ocean strategy (BOS) in Safety Culture, develop a safety culture handbook.

Safety Culture for Vietnam Airlines

To succeed in building a safety culture, businesses need to create a safe cultural ecosystem with many activities that affect the perception, thinking and behavior of human resources.

In 2019, Hung Viet organized an investigation and analysis of human factors and organized Safety Culture Workshop to promote creative ideas and highly interactive learning. One highlight was the successful organization of “Change with the world” workshop in 2019 for more than 1,000 VNA employees.

Safety Culture for Vietnam Airlines

Afterwards, we continued to accompany with Vietnam Airlines in the period of 2020-2021 in the digitization and integration of their safety activities into the Vietnam Airlines Portal (2020-2021).

All training activities and information are digitized on the Safety Culture website, Tango Event mobile app, JCBD (Just Culture Behavior Definition), SMSM (Safe Management System Management).

Safety Culture for Vietnam Airlines

In addition, Hung Viet continuously coordinated with the VNA Safety Committee to organize activities to bring VNA Safety Culture to Level 4.0 (Proactive), towards Level 5.0 (Generative).

Some other activities can be mentioned such as: Communication through Safety Culture games (Gamified Safety), Safety Culture Handbook.

From 2020-2021, Hung Viet also cooperated on organizing other training programs to help with Vietnam Airlines’ restructuring process to overcome Covid-10 crisis period which frozen the aviation industry activities.

Different training programs were ceaselessly organized, including human factor training, risk management training, change management, business continuity management.

With the achieved results in implementing the long-term strategy of raising the safety culture level for Vietnam Airlines, Hung Viet Consulting is proud to have always been a partner accompanying the development and prosperity of Vietnam Airlines.

Safety Culture for Vietnam Airlines

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