Hung Viet’s partners worked with Minister Nguyen Kim Son in the US in Sept. 2022

From September 19 to 25, 2022, Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son has a business trip to the United States. Specifically, on September 19, the Minister and the delegation of the Ministry of Education and Training attended the Education Summit in New York.

Minister Nguyen Kim Son in the US in Sept. 2022

During the business trip to the United States, the delegation of the Ministry of Education and Training included:

  • Minister Nguyen Kim Son;
  • Mr. Pham Quang Hung, Director of the Department of International Cooperation;
  • Mr. Le Anh Vinh, Director of the Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences;
  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Huu, Director of National Foreign Language Program,
  • Mr. Trieu Ngoc Lam, Editor-in-Chief of Education and Times Newspaper;
  • Ms. Bui Lan Huong, Deputy Head of International Relations Department – Department of International Cooperation.
  • Also attending were Ambassador Dang Hoang Giang, Head of the Permanent Representative of Vietnam Delegation to the United Nations.

Conference hosted by United Nations General Secretary – António Guterres, with the participation of 200 countries and territories.

On the sidelines of the conference, Mr. Nguyen Kim Son had bilateral meetings with the US Minister of Education; World Bank Global Education Director; representatives of Microsoft Corporation, Intel Corporation, Centiport Group, Amazon Web, Britannica Education, Peace Corp., New York University, Columbia University, Niagara University, University of Arizona and other educational institutions and associations USAID, ETS, American Business Association,…

Minister Nguyen Kim Son in the US in Sept. 2022

Minister Nguyen Kim Son in the US in Sept. 2022

During this trip of the Minister and senior leaders of the Ministry of Education and Training, the delegation also had a meeting, exchanged and signed cooperation agreements with two strategic partners of Hung Viet Consulting Company, Britannica Education – the world’s largest digital learning provider and Niagara University.

Cooperation between Niagara University and the Ministry of Education and Training in the US

As one of the major universities with long experience and tradition of cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Training and the National Foreign Language Program, Niagara University attended the ministerial meeting on September 20 at Westin Hotel, New York represented by Principal Fr James Mather and Vice Principal Mr. Duleep Deosthale.

With a strong relationship and tradition of cooperation, Niagara University will sign a cooperation agreement with the Ministry and the national foreign language program to further promote training cooperation between the two sides.

Hung Viet’s partners worked with Minister Nguyen Kim Son in the US in Sept. 2022

Niagara University is accredited by the Association of Higher Education, an agency accredited by the United States Secretary of Education and the Council on Colleges for Accreditation of Education. The current student population of Niagara University is 3,743, making it the largest university among independent higher education institutions in the Buffalo Niagara region.

Niagara University has made great efforts in promoting cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, especially the National Foreign Language Program (NFLP) with a project to train English teachers in Vietnam in 2017.

Minister Nguyen Kim Son in the US in Sept. 2022

Minister Nguyen Kim Son in the US in Sept. 2022
The Minister Nguyen Kim Son and the President of Niagara University Fr James Mather.

During this visit by Minister Nguyen Kim Son to the United States, Niagara University and the Ministry signed an educational cooperation agreement. Specific areas of cooperation between the two sides are as follows:

  1. Develop training programs for teachers with English as their primary medium, English for specific purposes (such as English for hotels, sports, tourism, and national security);
  2. Develop, review and deliver in-service English teacher training courses;
  3. Develop and design English language teaching programs, textbooks, and materials for teaching English;
  4. Promote student and teacher exchange programs between Niagara University and universities in Vietnam;
  5. Transfer open resources to Vietnam (where possible) and based on requests and if deemed justifiable;
  6. Developing short-term immersion programs, summer camps at Niagara University for groups of students or teachers focused in diverse academic fields;
  7. Offers scholarship opportunities to self-sufficient students pursuing a Bachelor or Master degree at Niagara University in all academic disciplines including Education, Business, and Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management.
MOET and Niagara University exchange MoU.

Britannica Education supports Vietnam to increase its educational material resources

At Britannica side, in this program, there were also 3 senior leadership representatives from the head office in Chicago to work with the minister, Mr. Jorge Cauz – CEO of Britannica Group, Sal De Spirito – Deputy General Director in charge of Marketing and Global Business Development, and Joan Jacobsen – Deputy General Director in charge of product development strategy.

In addition to the meeting to exchange and sign cooperation agreements with the Minister, Britannica also participated in the “Vietnam – US Education Cooperation Forum” held on September 21 at the headquarters of the Examination Institute. USA ETSCo , Princeton, New Jersey.

Hung Viet’s partners worked with Minister Nguyen Kim Son in the US in Sept. 2022

At the meeting, after listening to the representative of Britannica Education introduce and share solutions, Minister Nguyen Kim Son expressed interest in the field of testing; science of assessment; especially improve the quality of general education, including teaching and learning foreign languages and informatics.

The Minister also emphasized that it is very important to have good and adequate learning resources for students. Currently, the source of learning materials for Vietnamese students is relatively good compared to before; However, compared to the goals of the Education sector, it is still limited.

Therefore, the Education sector plans to prioritize resources and policies to develop the school library system and increase learning materials.

Minister Nguyen Kim Son in the US in Sept. 2022

The Minister expressed his wish to receive Britannica Education’s support in increasing the stock of learning materials, especially those to help students learn foreign languages, become familiar with information technology and cultural issues of foreign countries. countries in the world.

Along with that, the Minister also proposed Britannica Education to support in the aspects of tools, means, learning materials and skills, helping to expand and improve the quality of foreign language teaching; because this is an important tool for Vietnamese students to integrate with the world in the shortest time possible.

On this occasion, the Minister mentioned three “problems” for Britannica Education to share experiences and support, which are:

Improving teaching ability, designing integrated lessons for teachers; problems related to bilingual teachers and solutions to help ethnic minority students study effectively when they have just learned their mother tongue and Mandarin, with the desire to learn English as well.

With the “problems” shared by the Minister, Britannica Education affirmed that this is not only a difficulty for Vietnam but also common in many countries around the world. Representatives of this organization affirmed that they have solutions to support, as well as are ready to support and accompany other educational issues proposed by the Minister.

Britannica and the Ministry of Education and Training will work together to understand the ministry’s long-term vision and goals for digital transformation in education in Vietnam.

The two sides will also work closely to explore existing infrastructure to support universal access. Britannica prioritizes supporting subjects such as Science, STEM, and English.

Britannica proposes to design a curriculum that enhances teaching quality using Britannica’s digital solutions to support the Department’s vision of universal access to education.

There is also a need to develop a framework that aligns with existing curriculum standards. In addition, the development of a teacher training program to enhance the foundational skills to develop an impactful and engaging learning program for students is also the goal that Britannica can support in Vietnam in the future. gradually improving the quality and digital transformation of education.

Minister Nguyen Kim Son in the US in Sept. 2022

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