Consulting on Green vocational school development in Vietnam 2023

Green vocational schools are a new type of vocational education and training institution which was a new trend from 2010 onwards. These schools have played an extremely important role in supporting the building of a high-quality workforce and promoting sustainable development of a society.

Green vocational school development

Below are the factors that one should pay attention to when building a high-quality green vocational school

  1. Objectives: Before construction is initiated, it is necessary to clearly define the objectives of developing a green vocational school. This will help identify the list of resources, knowledge, skills, etc. needed to provide to the trainees and the list of items that need to be developed.
  2. Resources: Vocational schools should have sufficient resources to support student learning and practice; including classrooms, libraries, practice centers and necessary equipment to meet the standards of sustainable development, sustainble consumption and production, energy efficiency, etc.
  3. Teachers: The school’s teachers must possess high professional qualifications and green living experience. They also need regular training to keep up with new trends in sustainability and their respective areas of expertise.
  4. Cooperation: Green vocational schools need to cooperate with businesses, organizations and individuals operating in the green industry, sustainable consumption and production to provide students with access to practical knowledge and experience. These partnerships also keep the school up to date on new trends and ensure that students learn what it takes for their jobs after graduation.
  5. Curriculum: The school’s academic program must meet the market’s needs and be regularly updated. In addition to theoretical learning, the program should provide students with the opportunity to practice and implement projects of high applicability and practicality.

In general, developing a high-quality green vocational school requires a combination of many factors and activities. High-quality green vocational schools need to invest in modern facilities and equipment to meet students’ need of learning and practice. In addition, the school also needs to provide students with the best learning materials and resources.

Finally, the school needs to create a friendly and close learning environment so that students can be more confident in learning and practicing. The school also needs to create opportunities for students to interact with each other and with the teachers/trainers, so that they can improve their knowledge and skills.

All these factors will contribute to the creation of a high-quality green vocational school, and help students become familiar with the concepts of sustainable development in their career fields at an early stage, becoming best-quality green experts in the future. We need to work towards this goal to contribute to building a better and more sustainable world.

Green vocational school development

Hung Viet’s consulting experience in green vocational school development

Established in 2000, Hung Viet Technology and Investment Trading Joint Stock Company (HungViet Consulting) is always a pioneer in the field of consulting and developing vocational education and training projects, and developing high-quality human resources in Viet Nam.

Hung Viet has a diverse network of partners and customers in the field of vocational training, such as the Australian Association of Vocational Schools (TAFE-Technical and Further Education/Training and Further Education), General Directorate of Vocational Training (GDVT, MOLISA), French Development Agency (AFD), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Australian Agency for International Development (AUSAID), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), vocational colleges (Dung Quat, Vinh Phuc, Viet Xo Ninh Binh, Lilama 2 Dong Nai, etc.).

Green vocational school development

Over the years, Hung Viet has implemented many programs and projects in the field of school development consulting and vocational education and training development, typically:

  • PVT2008 and VTP2011 projects on Capacity Building for High Quality Vocational Schools in Vietnam, funded by German KFW bank.

  • AFD 2014 project on investment and development of high-quality vocational schools in Vietnam, with the goal of transferring a set of vocational standards from France to Vietnam in 2014-2020, funded by AFD.
  • The GreenTVET project on building a high-quality Green Vocational Education and Training Center (CoE) on the campus of Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation in Dong Nai (VCMI), with the goal of turning this place into a focal point for the green Teaching and Learning network domestically and internationally, especially in Southeast Asia. This is a project funded by German KFW bank, expected to end in early 2023.

With long-term experience in consulting the construction, transfer and development of green vocational schools, Hung Viet Consulting is always looking for opportunities to cooperate and provide consulting services to domestic and foreign partners and customers in this field.

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