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Hung Viet has helped thousands of staff at some of Vietnam’s leading companies to develop new skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Is your team ready for the future?

What we do

As one of Vietnam’s longest serving education consultants, Hung Viet has helped numerous organisations develop curriculum, run training courses and study tours, form partnerships and develop new innovative products and solutions for over 20 years.


We design and deliver professional training courses across a number of specialised areas.

Human Development

Competency Framework expertise, together with research to develop your most valuable asset.

Digital Transformation

We support the customer experience, company culture elements of Digital Transformation.


We use proven tools and techniques to guide your team to innovate and improve. Innovate your business.

Reliable Results

Aligning innovative technology solutions to operational needs, we can help you improve the Customer Experience.

English & STEM Skills

We support education providers with tools and resources for schools, colleges and companies.

Digital Transformation

Managing the new "Work from Anywhere" model.

As a result of the massive changes made possible by digital technologies and accelerated by Covid, companies of all shapes and sizes are learning to manage the new paradigm.

We stand ready to offer the support and expertise gained from decades of experience with people, innovation and technology.

Systematic Approach

This multi layered issue needs a systematic approach to evaluate technology tools and training changes to ensure success.

Do you need a physical location?

Do you need such a big office space? Can you store files and information digitally and work remotely and still build a high performance culture?

Which Technology?

Culture and identity can not be forgotten, which technology suits your business? We can help you eveluate and plot a path forward.

Online learning

We love delivering great live event experiences for participants of our workshops. We have been ehancing these sessions with remote learning tools for over 2 years and are happy to make some courses available in blended modes with both online, or online and in person sessions available in certain subject areas.  Contact us today about our growing list of online courses. 

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Course Overview: 

Business Design with the Business Model Canvas

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Soft Skills Training

Organising your remote work location for high performance.

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Risk Management Basics

Gain a basic understanding of Risk Management, terms and concepts.

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Digital Transformation Foundation

Understanding the basics of AI and Machine Learning in Digital Transformation. 

What people say about us

We have completed hundreds of successful engagements over the past 20 years.  Here are some recent comments from our customers.

“The course is very practical and effective, I personally hope the staff of the unit trained by the Organizing Committee will continue this course.”
Nguyen Hoang Anh
Director of Customer Care
“Even in times of financial hardship COVID-19, Vietnam Airlines and Hung Viet still successfully organized training classes, expanding to both cybersecurity and risk management in related fields”
Duong Tri Thanh
CEO, VNA Group
“New content, high applicability; Diverse activities, thought-provoking and group activities.”
Doan Tam
Commercial Lead, EVNCPC

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